He Wants More Space – How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

He Wants More Space – How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

Relationships end for many reasons. They vary from one party cheated or the relationship just got stale. One of the classic reasons for breaking up is that one person just wants more space. If this is your situation, you might be asking yourself “how to get my ex boyfriend back.”

In the beginning it can be a tough pill to swallow but this is a time to give him what he wants: more space. There could be many things in his life that are “crowding” him right now and just needs time to sort things out. The good thing about your ex boyfriend needing more space is that it may be just a temporary break up.

During this time, you want keep communication open but brief. Short text messages or short phone calls just to say “hi” might be ideal. You don’t want to call him too often but you want to let him know that you are still thinking about him. By keeping conversations short you are giving him the space he needs while keeping yourself in the picture.

If your ex boyfriend still has an interest in you, he will miss your constant contact. Eventually he’ll want to have more conversations with you. When he shows signs of interest, it is not the time start the communication on daily basis. You don’t want to start having daily contact too quickly and remind him why he needed more space.

When you do get the opportunity to chat, you want to keep everything positive. Don’t focus on the negative aspects of your relationship. If you have a common interest, keep the focus on that. Reminisce about the great times you had. Make him feel that his great moments occurred when he was with you.

Every man won’t respond quickly or positively to your subtle advances. He may truly be trying to move on with his life. You need to determine if you should keep making advances or back off. The last thing you want to do is push him further away by constantly contacting him when he asked for more space.

If you are asking yourself “how to get my boyfriend back” after he asked for more space, you will have to accept that he wants to be alone for a while. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is over. The best thing to do is to keep in touch with him but keep conversations brief until he starts to warm up to your advances.

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