How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship?

How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship? by Poul B

How to handle a long distance relationship?
Most of us are aware that the chances of a long distance relationship ending abruptly are very high. However, not many actually know how to save a long distance relationship.
No one actually starts a relationship just to have a relationship. Like any normal relationship, a long distance relationship might arise because two people who stay far apart meet on internet or become pen pals and it blossoms into something beautiful. Sometimes people who were together might have to move apart for a certain period of time because of work or other issues. No matter why you are in a long distance relationship it is important to know few things which will help you save your wonderful relationship that you have with partner. Here are some tips on how you can handle long term relationship?
• First and foremost find out why the relationship is most important. Remember just loving a person and not seeing any future in a relationship will not help you in anyways. Find a reason and make your resolve stronger. Only then can you really save anything in your life.
• Secondly try to be honest and open with your partner. Honesty is the best policy. If you have a problem or if you are not having a good day talk about it in every detail with your partner. This will encourage your partner to do the same with you. This way the bonds between you and your partner will become more and more stronger.
• Third thing is to establish a time where you both will talk to each other, each and every day. It is important that you respect that time. Only in unavoidable cases can you delay or skip the established time. But do not make it habit. Having an established time and committing to that time means both of you are ready to see your relationship to the end.
• The next thing to do is to have patience. If you do not have patience then long distance relationship is not for you. You need to have a lot of patience. You need to understand your partner and at the same time try to be the bigger person. As I said earlier if you do not have a firm resolve to save your relationship the strain might force you to break it up. So make your resolve firmer this will allow you to handle things calmly and patiently. Show that you are strong and this will give your partner the strength needed to carry on in a long distance relationship.
• Last but certainly not the least, do not give into temptation. Look if that relationship means anything then do not give into temptations. It is easy to hide things form your partner just because he or she is far away from you. Remember you reap what you sow, so try to be more mature and more firm in what you really want.
One must always remember the only way to make a long term relationship work is to try to find a solution so that you both can be together. If you do not see a future where you cannot be together then it is good to end it with honor. At least you will have a friend for your life. If you think you can be together and it is only a short time that you need to be away from your partner then try to do everything you can to make your relationship work.
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