No Advice Can Stop the Pain of a Break Up

No Advice Can Stop the Pain of a Break Up

It is Friday night and you find yourself home alone again. This is the third Friday you have been home alone since you and your boyfriend decided to call it quits. Sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now second thoughts are plaguing you.

Breaking up whether it is one-sided or mutually agreed upon is never easy. Dealing with the break up pain is even more difficult than you initially thought. Even though the breakup was mutual there are many intimate feelings that you may still be dealing with. After all, one cannot turn off their feelings like one turns off a tap.

Anytime a person goes through a very emotional stressful situation such as a breakup then dealing with the break up pain alone can be even more devastating. Do not fret though many have suffered through the fear and misery and have endured the break up pain to talk about it later.

When a person deals with break up pain, at the time they feel like they are the only one who has ever felt this bad from a break up. After all you thought it was true love and your ex was your soul mate. These thoughts seem to be in your head and you just can’t seem to get rid of them. It is time for you to give your head a shake so to speak and get these thoughts out and start to move forward. Moving forward with help you deal with the break up pain.

Moving forward also will allow you to open yourself up to the possibility of meeting someone new.

In the meantime as you try to move forward, spending time with your friends will definitely help with the break up pain. Focusing on the new things going on in your life will help get your mind off the relationship and will also help in your healing.

Although the pain of breaking up may seem unbearable and you just want to be left alone do not shoo your friends away. They are really just trying to help you deal with the pain you are going through and being around friends and people you care about will help tremendously when dealing with this awful pain.

Try to remember that most everyone, at some point in their life have gone through a breakup. Anyone going through a breakup will deal with the break up pain much better and quicker with the support of their good friends. Just remember you are not alone and you are not the only one who has suffered through break up pain.

Although many of us have suffered break up pain we get through it with the help of friends. For more help and advice on handling the pain of a break up go to

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