Saving A Relationship – Is It Worth It Or Should I Just Let Go?

Saving A Relationship – Is It Worth It Or Should I Just Let Go?

Saving a relationship is something that can be done if you are going through a tough time with the one you care about. There are many reasons why a relationship is on the verge of collapsing and is you’re relationship is at this point, then the first question to ask yourself is if it’s worth saving. There are some that are not worth saving and some that are. The most important question to ask if you will both be happy together or separately. Saving a relationship that is beyond repair is not worth it, but if the relationship is redeemable, then this article will address of how to save it.

Saving a relationship will require you to put forth an effort to make that bond between you and the one you love stronger. There are many things that can always cause the rift in any relationship, such as communication, money and sex. You must be able to communicate effectively with each other. Each one must be able to speak their minds on what they want and how to be treated. Let your spouse know what you want and what you don’t want. Don’t keep quiet about things you don’t like.

Speaking your mind out should also be with respect.You should speak the truth and also in love. If the truth is not spoken in love, it will cause unnecessary argument. Be a good listener; listen to the end of his conversation before you speak. Interrupting when the other is speaking is disrespectful and always leads to unavoidable argument.

The issue of money must be addressed properly; the two involved should sit down and analyze how money is to be spent. Who to buy what in the house and also what to buy jointly. When it comes to taking out loans or making a big purchase always come to an agreement. If this is done well, it will eliminate arguments.

Employ the golden rule; treat each other the way you will like to be treated. This work likes magic. Always see things from the other point of view before you react to any situation. Think of what you will do if you are in that situation. This will slow you down in jumping to conclusions or passing judgement quickly. Treat him/her with respect and you will receive the same.

Show your appreciation and be grateful for what you both share with each other. Celebrate the accomplishments of each other in a big way. Celebrate it elaborately and show that you really care and are very pleased. This eliminates any form of jealousy, and it shows you are happy with each others success.

You must find quality time to spend with each other. This is a very important aspect of saving a relationship; Human beings are created for companionship. The more time you spend with each other the more the relationship grows. There is this thing about human chemistry according to an experiment, that if two people that hate each other with passion are placed on an island for about a month; they will come out loving each other with equal passion.

Finally, in saving a relationship, the two involved must forgive and forget whatever wrong they have done each other in the past. Do not dwell about the wrong and focus on what makes you both happy in your relationship. I’m sure if you are reading this, you’re relationship is worth saving.

Saving A Relationship is something that can be done so don’t give up on the one you love and care about.

Saving A Relationship

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