What To Wear During a Break Up

What To Wear During a Break Up

Getting through a bad day can be really tough for some of us. Break ups are one of the most difficult situations a person can go through. There are many coping mechanisms that people do when they are trying to recover from a split. One of the most common is changin one’s hairstyle. When it comes to clothes, most people would choose the darkest, gloomiest colors in order to reflect the inner turmoil they are feeling inside.

However, break ups are supposed to make you stronger. Yes, you may be feeling like crap but it always gets better in the end. In order to still look your best even during these difficult times, here are some tips that will help you.


1. Wear A Colorful Top Or Dress

Instead of wearing dark colors, try wearing colorful ones that will help make your mood lift and will make you feel good. When it comes to accessorizing, try to choose a particular color found in the prints and then choose an accessory that will help in making that color pop out. This outfit will definitely make you stand out. You can wear this while going out with your girlfriends and talk about how he is just not worth it.

2. Orange Gives You A Burst Of Energy

Orange is a very lively color that exudes such an energetic aura. Wearing this color during a bad day can help in making you feel better. If you are a little bit hesitant in wearing bright shades, opt for a more subtle, pastel shade. For a more girly vibe, choose a top with frills or lace details. You can even spice up a neutral top with an orange blazer. Who says you can’t be cheery on a gloomy day?

3. Pink is Affectionate, While Yellow Is Uplifting

There is a reason why pink is such a favorite color of many people. It is a color that gives off an approachable, lovely vibe that people will just not get enough of you. Yellow is also an uplifting shade. It just gives off a really bright vibe that will help give you such a happy and fun aura. If you are a little adventurous with your style, do a little color blocking and then pull the look off using neutral accessories.

4. Green Is Relaxing and Blue is Peaceful

Green is a color that brings such a relaxing feel. If you are having a really bad day and are really stressed out, wear something green so that it can help ease things a little. Some people believe that when they look at something that is green, such as grass or tree leaves, their headaches die down.

Blue is another color that can give off a very calming feel that will definitely keep you at peace despite the difficulties you are facing. Bear in mind though, that the color blue (especially a dark shade of blue) can make you feel gloomy. Try pairing it with a bright color such as a red cardigan. That instant pop of color will create a really great balance.

Breaking up is hard to do indeed, but you can definitely get over it through time. Always try to look for productive activities that can help keep your mind distracted. A good support system from friends and family can greatly help too. Remember that when it comes to making a decision for yourself, it’s always up to you.

Reena Mariel, author of Beauty Is My Duty, your online resource for beauty tips and tricks for the average girl.

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