All Original Broken Heart Quotes


All Original Broken Heart Quotes by Joyce,

*There is no such thing as a broken heart that could never be healed.

* Mending a broken heart takes time, the time it takes to make it even stronger and more beautiful than before.

* Allow God to take all the shattered pieces of your heart so He can give you a new one.

* If your heart heals right, whatever has hurt you before could never hurt you again.

* Give your heart only to those who will never break it apart.

* The most difficult thing is not to love, but to be able to love over again.

* Love does not always mean holding on, it can also mean letting our loved ones go so that they may find the kind of love they’re looking for.

* To love is to not judge another.

* Only those whose hearts have been broken can understand another broken heart.

* All those who love risk having their hearts broken. Those who love much risk having their hearts broken more.

* Many people don’t have a problem about forgetting as much as they have a problem in wanting to forget.

* We often despair knowing we have broken the hearts of those we love the most. Let us not stop there however, for we also have the power to heal and to restore what we have lost.