Is It Important For Your Ex to Regret Losing You?

Did you ever feel like you wanted your ex to regret ever losing you?  How important is it that he feels regret for breaking up with you?

There are many reasons why we may feel inclined to want this:
-Maybe we wanted him to realize he did something wrong, repent, and then come back to us.
-Maybe we wanted to be certain that it was not our fault why the relationship didn’t work out after all.
-Maybe we wanted to heal our self-esteem that has been wounded badly.
-Maybe we wanted to have some kind of justice for suffering so much.

Understanding the reason we have behind this desire could be useful in helping us heal from our broken hearts. It could lead us to realizing how deeply we have been hurt or why we still haven’t been able to fully let go of the other person yet.

The most important thing though is to find healing for the present, and later on, to finally have that kind of happiness we’re yearning for.